image of speed camera

image of speed camera

image of speed camera

image of speed camera

All over these days, aren’t they?

Speed, congestion charge, low emission zone,two person only lane… hell, even the local supermarket has them in the car park and automatically sends you a ticket if you stay too long!

Did you know that almost all cameras which automatically recognise your number-plate use infrared imaging?

Using in-house technology more usually employed in manufacturing military hardware, Stealthplate is a self-adhesive clear polycarbonate plate cover that prevents your registration being read by most of these sorts of cameras, while remaining entirely transparent to the human eye…..

the car as we see it

The human eye view of Stealthplate. Click on image to enlarge

image of infared car

Automatic number plate recognition camera view. Click on image to enlarge

In these pictures only half of the number plate is covered by Stealthplate – usually, of course, you’d use the full size version! Be aware that the use of this product on the road may be illegal and it is sold only for track & display use on private property.

Buy Stealthplate now and ensure your registration and identity are safe from imaging by infrared cameras!!!!

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